A complicated story


A complicated story, not yet coming to an end. Tiago Oliveira (left) was expropriated by the city council of Mafra. His surfcamp, situated at the pristine beach and world class point break of Ribeira d´Ilhas in Ericeira, is in the focus of a tourism
development project. Tiago has to leave his place – by law – because the city council wants to build a training centre for young surf athletes and pro-surfers on his campground. Over the last 10 years the surfcamp played a major role in the local surfing community. The officials, represented by spokesman José Bizarro (right) stated that “Tiago is a landlord refusing to cooperate with the new law that will bring a wave of infrastructural development along the Portuguese coastline.” On Monday, July 30th police was entering the camp ground closing the area and expelling about 30 people from the place.

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