A viking on the beautiful side of life



That lucky little girl – what a life, seriously! Her daddy, mummy and little sister are lucky enough to be from Sweden, which means: Mummy and Daddy get funded by the state so they need less time to work and have more time for their kids. “It’s a pity – in other countries people can’t even afford children. I think Sweden took the right route with this” Christian says. And smiles.

Mum and Dad knew what to do with he gained freedom. They bought a VW T3 and travelled. Then came child #2 and their upgraded to a wicked nice motorhome, went south, beyond Europe to Marocco where they spent some good months. The rolling home is decorated with pink flowers in the front, in between left toys make it look like a kindergarden – daddies surf stuff mixes with plastic horse puppets, pencils and used drawing books. And there is even a wetsuit for a three year old hanging: “A week ago we found a wetsuit small enough for our daughter. I took her surfing on a long board – she was screaming: ‘Daddy, I want to surf big waves!’” And he smiles again, proudly. A nice place for a child to grow up, we figure.

And so Christian, dripping wet from the surf in Zarrautz, his short board under the arm, walks back to his bus with the whole entourage of his family who picked him up from the beach. Throughout positive, sun tanned shiny happy family on the way back up north to Sweden Рto see what real life looks again.


(P.s.: People – we’re sorry to not have that picture of their bus. When somebody of you guys sees him – send us a picture of their bus, please!)