Andreas Klammt | Germany


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Based in Hamburg/Germany, the artist Andreas Klammt illustrates a lot for magazines, small and big agencies. With an addiction to his job, he loves creating pictures & designing corporate identities for small companies like „Heimplanet“ and „Faith21“. Over the summer and full with excitement, he worked with Greenpeace to illustrate the upcoming fall/winter toxic campaign.

But whenever he can Andreas ventures to the northern coast to catch a few waves with his friends. »Europe? It´s incredible how popular it has become. I think these days everyone has a surfboard at home. Even if they live in the alps.«

Andreas is fascinated by all kinds of handmade stuff, like sketching, pen to ink, cutting & glueing collages, silkscreening all day long, photography, and of course classic digital design. It is the creating of something from nothing. »To start with, there must be an idea, a sketch or a phrase that gives me the inspiration for the final piece.« His inspiration comes along with nature. »I am always inspired by nature. Everything is so complex and there are so many inspirations out there! All the good things are wild and free.«

Apropos, the collection of his work in the gallery are illustrations for the German “Surfers Magazin”, “Under Pressure Store” and “Faith21”-Apparel. »I really like to work for action sports companies. Since I was a child I travelled to mountains or to the sea. The element of water and snow has surrounded me every holiday since back then. Just like the skate-surf-snowboard-Art Scene.«

If you’d like to see more of his work, there will be CYAN – a group exhibition about surfing and art with European artists in Hamburg in fall 2014. Or watch directly the trailer of Counterculture.

»The next surf destination will be Bali in winter. Besides from visiting my friends from Faith21, I’m looking forward to filling my hungry sketchbook and searching for uncrowded waves.
In five years I would love to live in a wooden shed near by the sea with my girlfriend and my cat and working for an exhibition overseas.«