Where those postcard motives must come from


It’s funny that people say: “Borders exist only in our heads” – which we tend to believe too! – and then you cross the border from Cantabria to Asturias and everything looks different. It’s rockier, more mountains appear, it becomes even greener. And here it was we discovered a rustic, yet ridiculously beautiful countryside.

Enjoying the warm afternoon in the shades of the own garden. They’ve been married 50-something years in which they cared for their farm, their children and land around them. What a life there it must have been – and how fulfilling it must be to be 80-something (again: who counts?) and say: “There’s no better place on earth than here”.

Close to Playa Meron you can get this amazing views. A perfect downhill track for longboarders, the sea to the right and in the far back Asturias and its Picos de Europa. We skated the road and ended with collateral damage: Stefan crashed at full speed. The result: bleeding hands, elbows and knees, but he went surfing the same day. The sunset was too amazing to stay outside of the water.

Green down to the ocean. Asturias Backcountry

Agustina lives and works in Playa La Vega, La Vega. The Argentinian moved together with her parents to this place. They own a bar there where music is actually really good, food is a delight and the surf can be superb.

If it wasn’t for the minery up the road which from time to time pollutes the river that flows directly into the break, it would be heaven.
We don’t know though, if Agustina would agree.

Absolutely surreal – our sunset surf there at Playa de Gerra was a sight we won’t be able to forget. Surreal. Period.