At home in Gijon


Our first encounter with Alberto was in spring 2012 at Playa Vega in Asturias when we were asking for help: The battery of our big photo flash was broken after a short circuit. Alberto and his friends, one of them electrician, phoned people asking for somebody to be able to repair such a big battery. No battery – no portrait pics the OldYoungSea style… Anyway, back to autumn 2012. Another broken equipment while hanging out with Alberto: This time it was the cable tree of our lovely van that started burning by incident. Stefan saved the car by pouring half a bottle of wine onto the burning cables. What a coincidence…

Alberto is the more quiet type of a fully stoked surfer. Being a local at Gijon he knows when to go to spots like Peñarrubia or the infamous in-city-spot El Mongol. At Rodiles, a magical point break 20 minutes outside of Gijon, he uses to stay a little down the line. “It’s more fun to stay away from the main peak”, Alberto tells us. The background: Rodiles is undoubtadly one of the best spots in Northern Spain with some kind of “advanced” localism. But keeping Alberto’s words and his warm smile in mind (smile when you are out there, smile too!) you’ll have a lot of fun at the river mouth of Rodiles.

Alberto’s Holga pic of an OldYoungSea crew member on the run to the beach

Analog media production is Alberto’s great passion: photography and videography with cameras that nowadays teens might even don’t know they have ever existed or they probably have to rediscover. When Alberto doesn’t surf his super-mini two fin surfboard you might spot him filming with his vintage 8mm camera doing stuff like this:

“I like the fact that you don’t exactly know in advance what will be the outcome of your photo and video shots when working with analog technology. Analog film revelation is stupidly expensive, but it’s so much fun!”

Alberto, thanks for showing us your town! Keep up filming, traveling and surfing!

Find more of Alberto’s stuff on vimeo and flickr.