Breathing Surf History


Gibus de Soultrait

Sometimes you meet people that breathe history – surf history in this case. Gibus de Soultrait, born in 1957, a year in which surfing set out to spread over the coastal areas of the world. What followed was a childhood close to the sea where he could witness the clumsy beginning and development of a distinct european surfscene. In his professional life he’s an editor and chronist of European surf ongoings, co-founded the magazine Surf Session followed by a french sidekick of the renowned Surfer’s Journal.

The curious case of a man that seems to know more about surf than most of us about life.

Posing together with The Surf Session magazine crew and Daisy, our high fidelity car.

Surf Session crew members getting in touch with our travel companion from kun_tiqi – a solid balsa 9 footer.