Galicia, Love at Second Sight


In general it doesn’t happen too often that Austrians meet Austrian expats in foreign countries. Austria is a small country with just a little more than 8 million habitants. So encounters are rare. But when it comes to surfing they seem to be at the forefront of migration. Landlocked Austrians spread across the world to live close to the sea. They let behind good old rich Austria to seek for their surfing dream.

This was also the case with Peter and Andrea. Both academics, they couldn’t believe in a “normal” life back home working in their offices and going through boring routines. So they left for good starting a surf camp in Valdoviño at the northwestern tip of the Spanish Peninsula. The rough yet charming and so beautiful Province of Galicia wasn’t love at first sight though. When they travelled Galicia for the first time (both worked in surf camps before) looking for the perfect place to settle down it was no good: rain, blown out line-ups, and a cold creeping into every fibre of their body. Austrians are used to cold winters, yet bad weather conditions in Galicia are all different. But in the end after going through some harsh weeks Galicia showed its beauty. Crystal clear waters, perfect surf, an incomparable landscape and friendly people.

They where hooked at the second sight. Now they are running Camino Surf in the fifth year showing people the way into green ocean beauties.