Jean Marie Drouet | France


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»Like Neil Young says: “just do what you want to do, don’t listen to anyone else”«

Making the most out of every day is actually what a lot of people are seeking for. Making it a memorable day is why Jean Marie Drouet creates such outstanding paintings – without a conceptual approach at all. »I paint my surroundings, which is part of my world. I paint what I see, what I live and I am more concerned with the aesthetics of my painting rather has any messages.« So the key of his life is true to the motto “it will be a good day”, while working as a painter, illustrator and art director.

»The beach is my best source of inspiration of course. But many artists inspire me!«

Especially comic artists such as Moebius and Jeff Jones. But also American literalism painters like N.C. Wyeth and Edward Hopper.
In the process of painting it is important to Jean Marie to constantly observe his surroundings and absorb the vibe. And that is why nothing about his art is calculated and the subjects of his paintings are such interesting characters. »I’m not too used to explain my painting. I think art in general does not need explanation to be loved and understood. One likes or dislikes.«

With the main goal to be free and continue with painting, Jean plans to go more and more abroad like this year. He is really happy about having some exhibitions in Hong Kong, Singapore, New York, Amsterdam and Brussels. And he is also looking forward to creating more graphic work of surf-art.

- We either!

Surfeur by Jean Marie Drouet