Bilbao, the Guggenheim Museum and a globetrotter


Kepa Acero, pro surfer, nature lover and travel-adventurer. Normally Kepa is used to travel the world, film people, conduct the material and produce his well known gonzo style movies (e.g. La Ruta Norte, La Ùltima Frontera). This time it was us to follow him with a camera through his hometown Bilbao. The center of the city, an interview during a metro ride, a photo shooting in front of the famous Guggenheim Museum.

It was raining hard the day we took this picture. We where all soaked to the skin. And Kepa? He stayed cool and patient. Patient he was during the two days we spend with him. He seemed pretty much in tune with the ocean, his surrounding and his life.

Kepa likes to travel alone. “This forces me to be more open to people, to get in touch with strangers”, he says while smiling into the video camera. “More surprising things are happening when you travel alone.” On his last trip to Alaska for example he met a fishermen and spent about three weeks on his boat discovering the cold waters of the north.

We heard rumors about Kepa being some kind of a “product” of the surf industry. We where very curious about who this guy was and looked very much forward to meeting him personally. After two days of filming, surfing and hanging around together we can definitely say: The product thing is something we can absolutely not agree with! We hardly ever encountered a guy so humble and sincere. If Kepa is a product, he is just a product made by himself. Que te vaya bien con tus próximos proyectos, tio!