Léa is keeping things simple


” I can see the two main spots from my flat in Guéthary, that’s so cool!” Plain excitement is written in Léa Brassy’s face while she speaks. “After searching for a long time I have finally found something that feels like home for me”. However, when you think this girl prefers warm and cosy environments you’re galaxies away from reality! The globetrotter with Basque roots loves her new flat, yet there’s hardly a thing that let’s her enjoy life more than her travel adventures: “My most impressive trip so far has taken me to New Zealand, I guess. I was buying this car and worked on it for a few weeks getting it ready for this amazing solo trip”.

Much more than just surfing adventures

Sailing, climbing, hiking, you name it: Léa loves playing around in the great outdoors. Lea showed us photos and videos from her surf and mountaineering trip to Norway. “I love the colder regions so much. We went by snow mobile to the surf break!”, she underpins her passion for the cold. Recently, another remarkable travel adventure took Léa and her boyfriend Vincent sailing from France to Greenland, rounding up the trip with some surfing on Iceland.

Patagonia Ambassador Léa Brassy

Léa’s mantra: Perfection goes along with simplicity

Her low profile attitude and her approach to living the simple life deeply belong to the essence of her personality: The Patagonia Ambassador is rather reluctant to unnecessary consumerism yet sometimes struggling in the process. “I still buy too many things I don’t really need but I am teaching myself to think twice or even three times before purchasing.” After having met her, we are sure Léa will stay true to her mantra.

Two Patagonia Ambassadors getting ready for the session: Léa with Surfrider Europe Vice President Claire Karabatsos.