Meco Surfs Loredo


Meco Surfs Loredo

We spotted Meco in the water at Loredo beach. Meco is another legend to tell you the story of the very beginning of surfing in Spain. He was one of the surf buddies of Juan Giriber, whose story you might already have seen. Being in his mid-70s Meco is still so stoked about surfing. He likes to paddle for the perfect wave every single day.

Meco enjoying the glassy lefts of Loredo

Meco’s surf buddy Lolis knows how to do the bottom turn

After his session of the day with Lolis and Kankel, Meco invited us to his son’s surf school in Somo. “I’ll show you a few pics of the early surfing days”. What follows is a ramble through Meco’s and his friend’s personal history of surfing. Meco opened the door of the surf school building, disappearing for a moment. Coming out again he holds big sized reprints of his surf photos in his hands:


Probably one of the first surfboards shaped in Spain – Juan Giriber

Juan Giriber in 2012


And if you can’t get enough of that boys surfing, here are some more shots:
(friendly courtesy of Meike Reijerman