Not Exactly Beach Boys


They were none other than two thirds of the psychedelic rockband “Capsula”. What a coincidence, since Coni and Martin are touring most of the time all over Europe and the USA. And these days they just released a new album: “In the Land of the Silver Souls“.

Although they are on the road most of the time they enjoy the days they can spend at home, which is also the best place to shoot their new music video.

As we are always looking for music from the regions on our trip we are grateful that they offered their support for our project’s soundtrack. And we can say honestly that their music mixes wonderfully with the noise of the engine of our VW bus.

By the way to everybody out there who knows or plays in local bands in any place that lies on our way: We still need a lot of music to go with our pictures. If you want to contribute something to our project please do so at