Less is More at San Sebastian’s Zurriola Beach


Arantxa Bringas

Managing the Patagonia store in San Sebastián can be a joyful and rewarding job when you have one of the primo surf spots of the Basque Country right in front of your place of work.

Even though Arantxa Bringas is originally from Madrid, she feels pretty rooted with the Basque Country and its people. Being rooted, adapting to the local culture and respecting the locals reflects core values of the company she is working for. She discovered patagonia’s “Less is more when done with quality” approach for herself, as many people are doing in Spain nowadays.


It was a stormy day, but even strong winds couldn’t chop the big swell of Wednesday 26th 2012.


A bodyboarder at La Zurriola Beach is fetching a glimpse of the Green Room.


La Zurriola’s backdrop is scenic as scenic can be: the buildings of San Sebastian’s picturesque water front are surmounted by gentle hills.