Rubén Fuente, a Longboard and Waves


Rubén Fuente is a true Mr. Nice Guy. By chance Sebastian Funk, one of our crew members, watched the friendly and absolutely stoked longboarder last year surfing tiny waves one couldn’t even image to ride on (see short clip below). Waves were TINY but Rubén was charging with his longboard. Rubén is a mellow guy whose favorite wave is to be found close to Cadíz in the south of Spain. “I like it when waves are about chest high or a little higher. That’s the perfect wave size for me as a longboarder. Down in Andalucia you can find a decent wave you can ride for ages”, says the Ce Ce rider with a smile and shining eyes. Watch him surfing!

PS: Rubén, thanks a lot for your advise and help!

Last Summer Day by basanostra


Teaser of SEA by Hector Barrero: