Surfing the Basque Country

aquitaine / euskadi

Surf-travelling the Basque Country (French and Spanish part) takes you on a geographical, cultural an sportive roller coaster ride. From the extensive sand dunes of the Landes département down to the rocky point breaks and majestic cliffs of the surfing heartland of Euskadi you’ll have a lot to discover. Wether you enjoy pinchos on the Spanish side of the border or taste the quality of a good Bordeaux’s vin in the French Basque Country, you will recognize the ubiquity of a modern surf culture and lifestyle spawning across land. French journalists called this – during a silly season – French California, meaning everything is related to the ocean and surf. And yes, there are also climatical and geological similarities between California – the home of modern surfing – and the small stretch of land connecting Spain and France at the Atlantic Ocean.

Join us on a little impression-tour of the last two weeks of travelling:


Marta, local from Donostia (San Sebastián) loves the surf at the city beach of Zurriola.”I love Zurriola cause it’s the one beach where I used to sit gazing at people surfing every day since I was little. The Donostiarra, recently finishing with her architecture studies, started surfing with 21: “It’s never too late”. Marta loves to surf at her home break but her favorites are the breaks of Bidart, Guethary and Cote de Basque in France.


La Concha Beach San Sebastian

Morning glory at Playa de Concha in San Sebastián. The city wraps around two major beaches: the beauty on the photo and Zurriola Beach (Gros). The former makes for an incredible morning shot from the hilly city outskirts. The latter is famous for its urban surf and the majestic Kursaal.


Early bird departure in San Sebastián downtown. Leaving for the shooting day with our friends from TWOTHIRDS.


Gold Rush the Basque style


Aritz Aranburu at Pukas Factory

What a coincidence: Filming in the Pukas factory we met pro surfer Aritz Aranburu, who was picking up some new boards.


MUNDAKA was on…


and on..


and on… This might be Kepa btw


Unai and Unai on their way to a tricky spot in the Spanish Basque Country. Downseiling a cliff and high tide hassle at the rocks included. Bring your lunch box!


Guethary setup. A fairly steep drop followed by a very mellow ride. Longboarders, this one is for you, have a nice day in France!


Is it Biarritz or Disneyland?


Technical simplicities: a wave, a man, a board and an air. Easy, he?


Tim Boal broken board at Pukas Factory

True story Tim, true story!


Patagonia Ambassador Lea Brassy rocking the lip.