Tobias Ilsanker | Germany


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Baleal in Portugal or Munich in Germany?
Tobias Ilsanker has chosen both places to live.

BUT most importantly – his passion is to discover new perspectives or unique moments he’s surrounded by. »Hereby I like to pre-composite my shots and I am trying to go as close to the action as possible. I fell in love with water-photography as I can combine my passion of photography with being active in the nature.«

Capturing people’s emotions as an international sport/lifestyle photographer and videographer is an inspirational gift and also increases his fascination about his job. This results in a lot of projects which provide him a base to work internationally in the field of surfing (sport), nature and people.
Just to make sure: every step during his projects is still part of a constant learning-process. Even on the road: One of his most memorable jobs was the biggest European swell of “Hercules Swell”!

Finally, we asked him about his thoughts on surfing in Europe. The first thing that came to his mind was: »It would be even more crowded in the water when we could surf in boardshorts« and laughs.

Might be even true!

Part of the nature by Tobias Ilsanker