Ups, Downs, Life. And the Sea


John may appear like another homeless guy on that bench at the paseo in San Sebastián. Next to him a bag with belongings, his big black jacket with open buttons, on his head a hat made to withstand the weathers. He came to Spain when he was 24, worked in different jobs until life tricked him and he fell for it. He spent a couple of years in prison, then was released and moved – not yet a worry in his mind – to Rotterdam, than Amsterdam.

But now, some years later, he realized that he missed something: His family. The plan to go back to Ghana proved to be more complicated though. Currently he’s waiting for his papers which might take a couple of months more. “It’s lost time of life I’m spending now, my life passes and nothing happens. I’m waiting for a couple of pieces of paper nobody is really going to look at.”

So he’s staying at this bench in San Sebastian right now listening to the sound of the sea. “It gives me good vibrations, good mentality. It reminds me that everything is moving and somehow everything will work out.”

Some meters down the peer Sara takes a walk to relax from shooting her next movie. It’s a movie about the bombing of Guernika. We had no idea she was somewhat famous – she just seemed like some pretty girl at first. She is a Galician born actress though, played in several soap operas that were broadcasted internationally. It’s her birthday and she is away from home, walking through the night alone.

“I think I’m not famous, but more and more people know me by now.” Does she miss her family? “No, I call them often and sometimes I go home for vacations. I love my home, Carnota and the Galician coast – but I like travelling the world. I haven’t done a movie shooting outside of Spain yet – but that will come too.” Walking the peer reminds her of home.

Both they are humble people with very different dispositions: He travelled a lot and wants to find his way back home – she just got started to conquer the world. The Paseo of San Sebastián attracts people of all sorts. The mumbling of the sea at night seems to comfort them all while thinking about what might come.